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DAIWA 15 SALTIGA 5000H Release

With the provided world-class, Daiwa SALTIGA only technology “magshield’ main shaft and handle axes, line roller ball bearings and fully equipped. The longer the duration from the more you use its benefits last longer initial performance was picked up with them to the angler would be. Very harsh field environment centered on offshore put strain on the reel. You want to face take all appropriate measures to reach targets dreamed at the time. If you do not know or visit when the opportunity even more so. Muggsy led with the feelings that the angler to fully support. And one more thing, SALTIGA features notable is “ATD”. ATD’s new drag system continue to work while keeping pace with head start, fish pulling smoothly by the tenacity of the special grease. Show me your attention unique to thoroughly eliminate spool supported Division rattling SALIGA, here as well as flagship. Seeking a higher drag performance.

■ wound length (cm / Han $ 1 rotation): 121
■ gear ratio: 5.7
■ prudent (g): 625
■ maximum drag force (kg): 15
■ standard winding yarn amount (PE No.-m): 4-400/5-300/6-250
■ bearing ball/roller: 13 / 1