AbuGarcia Okappari Tarpaulin Shoulder Bag #1366122 Comingsoon

■ product description
Funny boobs Nighthawk in the new concept bag full of ingenuity to useful fishing. Ideal for managing fishing spot on also.
■ size: width 38x depth 21x高 28 cm
■ weight: approx. 1 kg
■ material: PVC (tarpaulin)

■ features
Funny boobs Nighthawk in the stable when you put widen toward the end shape, ideal for fishing.
Bag helicopter mounted Rod holder parts (sold separately).
Funny boobs Nighthawk in in useful when replacing the lure because during the fishing rod 差seru Rod holder.
Managed fishing spot also served as Rod stand (base), it is useful.
Momentarily of also being caught in the rain waterproof tarpaulin material just fine & waterproof zipper
To further stable Center of gravity in bottled beverages inside with drink holder. (2 locations)
Cushion part is removed, can be used as a regular shoulder bag.
With the mounted accessory accessories D Kang 6 pieces.
Shoulder strap & handle with.