DUEL PATAPATA Q #2.5 Now on sale

Equipped with patapatafinslim, realistic waves attracted squid!
Reduce shudder resistance!


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Abu Garcia SALTY STAGE Skid Jig 80g 100g 150g Release

It’s totally new ideas. Skidding method! Suggests its name borrowed from the squid “calamari” methods produced by Akiyama assists Club “skidding”, “slip” meaning “skid” and naming the images and the squid live bait wound when innovative movement to move in a straight line, fall at least refrained from the rotation of the vertical and horizontal slides.




IOS oil history most of the low-viscosity oil is low friction and armed with reel rotation of extreme improves
1. suitable for fashion-Lille
Control bait tackle lure a delicate case that prompted Baytril spools lower friction
Stable even in seemingly contradictory tackle setting a long approach.
Is ideal for thick line with a lightweight lure course called power fitness-in addition to complex structures out of big game tackle setting oil
Ideal for high intensive management fishing tournament reels and fines spinning reel to use under 1 g 2.
3. electric smelt reels are ideal for
Only in smooth weight 1 g of oil stable at temperatures below the freezing point of low viscosity oil was required to fall well get back the fall a smooth & fishing and hoisting, in conjunction with a line coat SP hands return to

■ recommended application areas: main shaft of domestic spinning reel
Baytril including electric smelt fishing reel bearings, etc.

* Please note
Compared to the emphasis on the rotation of IOS-01 oil, oil dispensing cycle is accelerated
Because it is a product of rotating priority might reel in some slight noise bothers your understanding



34 (Thirty-Four) Driver Head  thick saft type Release

34 developed the jig head for exclusive use of the rockfish at last. With the concept “letting specialize only in a rockfish, and even of the beginner being able to arrest a sense of incongruity as a hit because a hit is greatly more sensitive than what kind of other needles.”
It is the place where the predation act of the rockfish has many inversion parttimers to have paid attention to enable this concept. The rockfish may do a pro-suction byte in the same way as a horse mackerel, but is easy to let activity is low, and a lot of greatly appears for the hit at time when most of how to catch these cases let you stay at for tension fall if it is the hook shape that most, the situation when eating is bitter is hard to discharge and do a hooking.
However, I thought that I felt a lot a hit more if there were the hook shape that a needle worked when I preyed to snatch it and was easy to do and the thing which said and was connected directly with a catch.
It is the result that I bring in the thing of many different hook shapes as always in the spot and repeat a true fishing test and arrived at before I arrive at the shape of this driver head. If the characteristic to see it, and to understand immediately is a normal jig head, the shank appears straight, but this jig head goes up it from lead to the slant top immediately.
So invention is necessary for some sets of the worm and can stab straight it when I set it to outrun you on the slant. As a result, not to mention an inversion byte and a suction byte, the jig head of the hook shape that it was hard to discharge so that there was a hooking well even if I did a laying upon delay was born.
The shape of lead got a hint from a stream head and greatly designed the surface area of lead so that resistance of the water was achieved to the maximum. Pull resistance grows big by doing it this way and becomes easy to handle a lightweight jig head. This resistance contributes to the thing that I am and eat it and become easy to feel a byte in tension fall. The shape of the head can let you easily make a dirt course right and left in light twitch by sharpening the tip and can cause a reaction byte. In addition, I feel it because the flight posture is stable when a flying distance increases in comparison with a jig head of the same weight.
This driver head is not suitable for a horse mackerel to tell you that a rockfish is for exclusive use. Even if a horse mackerel is successful by the normal L-shaped fishing method and tension fall, I do not readily do a hooking. I wrote this earlier, but come from difference between predation movement and predation operation of the horse mackerel of the rockfish. I have the hooking performance for the wonderful rockfish by throwing away Atari of this horse mackerel.



TENRYU Rayz integral Series release start

Unique school series drew a special model.
Aggregate elements that can not miss in scenes ranging from the headwaters to main stream, Lake or salt tackles a wide range of needs.
Blank design of Reyes, according to each situation. 染me上gemashita on dark blue blank color, light and shining brilliantly.
・ Guide
And adopt the stainless frame SiC small-bore K guide toughness with oneness with the blank to impart.
・ Grips
RZI96HH and RZI106HH only use Fuji DPS reel seat.