Abu Garcia Ambassador Morrum 40%OFF

Only as for 3 following models, it is 40%OFF
There is it only for amount

●Abu Garcia Ambassador Morrum ZX3601 Mag Left


●Abu Garcia Ambassador Morrum ZX1600 Mag Right


●Abu Garcia Ambassador Morrum ZX3600 Mag Right




DAIWA 15 GRAND SURF 35 15PE Release

Ranging from the novice bringing Daiwa waterproof and durable technologies “magshield’ the responses to the potentiometer air rotors, veteran toughness machine can be used.




TENRYU Rayz integral Series release start

Unique school series drew a special model.
Aggregate elements that can not miss in scenes ranging from the headwaters to main stream, Lake or salt tackles a wide range of needs.
Blank design of Reyes, according to each situation. 染me上gemashita on dark blue blank color, light and shining brilliantly.
・ Guide
And adopt the stainless frame SiC small-bore K guide toughness with oneness with the blank to impart.
・ Grips
RZI96HH and RZI106HH only use Fuji DPS reel seat.



Abu Garcia DECIDER 7 DECIDER release

High performance series which combines all Abu Garcia’s experience and technology. DECIDER7 new! It is a multi area for bait casting reel spool accessories for BF aluminum frame with a light-weight 184 g,.

■ features
-Weight 184 g

Gear ratio 7:01.
-Aluminium frame
• 80 mm crank handle.
MAG tracks brake system
-6 + 1 HPCR bearings
Click and drag
-Carbon matrix drag
Click mechanism with mechanical brakes click mechanism with
Mechanical brakes
Replacement of BF spool (8 lb-100 m)
■ prudent (g): 184
■ gear ratio:7.1:1
■ maximum line winding (cm): 74
■ maximum drag force (Kg): 7 kg
■ ball / roller bearings: 6 / 1
■ body spool marginal /0.285mm/12lb:120m
■ body spool marginal /0.31mm/14lb:100m
■ body spool marginal /0.33mm/16lb/85m
■ replacement spool marginal /0.235mm/8lb:100m



DUEL SALTY BAIT 40g, 60g Additional New Color release

zgo zlsAutomatic response snugglescastingjig

-Target fish: sea bass, flounder, snapper, vegetable, rockfish

-An automatic snugglescastingjig easier to anyone and fished.

-Squeeze water rolling action produces a special head performance snuggles and change bat, even straight retrieve fish bring bytes.

-From the minnows surface until the bottom trace & bumping, range all the cheats available.

-Stingersheap with reduced air resistance ensure excellent distance — the lifeblood of the casting game.

-Available with the image of “the rolling Texas rig” or “jig to actions such as joint minor”.

Sortie bat 60 g DUEL
Automatic response snugglescastingjig

Support change bat: fat 2.5 Edition
* Gross weight: 69 g



Seems that the things we need to loosen the drag setting without counting the benefits of ester type line (pinky) engulf and only about the growth there is no line for the only downside.
We take so long to capture, just fish initiative held tends to be.
There is the emergence of this meta grid! This grease takes to stop fish ran in stickiness.
100% “oil” stuff
Rather than the so-called silicon based grease, “urea based grease”.
But we never were used for fishing most luxury material excels in heat resistance, commonly used never gets the grease in our performance.
Ester in loosen the drag line helped us man “metagris” Please try.
Confidence in the big surprise! You can experience drag is working, will engulf fun in another sense.

■ contents: 10 ml
■ components: urea 100% synthetic oil