IOS oil history most of the low-viscosity oil is low friction and armed with reel rotation of extreme improves
1. suitable for fashion-Lille
Control bait tackle lure a delicate case that prompted Baytril spools lower friction
Stable even in seemingly contradictory tackle setting a long approach.
Is ideal for thick line with a lightweight lure course called power fitness-in addition to complex structures out of big game tackle setting oil
Ideal for high intensive management fishing tournament reels and fines spinning reel to use under 1 g 2.
3. electric smelt reels are ideal for
Only in smooth weight 1 g of oil stable at temperatures below the freezing point of low viscosity oil was required to fall well get back the fall a smooth & fishing and hoisting, in conjunction with a line coat SP hands return to

■ recommended application areas: main shaft of domestic spinning reel
Baytril including electric smelt fishing reel bearings, etc.

* Please note
Compared to the emphasis on the rotation of IOS-01 oil, oil dispensing cycle is accelerated
Because it is a product of rotating priority might reel in some slight noise bothers your understanding