Abu Garcia DECIDER 7 DECIDER release

High performance series which combines all Abu Garcia’s experience and technology. DECIDER7 new! It is a multi area for bait casting reel spool accessories for BF aluminum frame with a light-weight 184 g,.

■ features
-Weight 184 g

Gear ratio 7:01.
-Aluminium frame
• 80 mm crank handle.
MAG tracks brake system
-6 + 1 HPCR bearings
Click and drag
-Carbon matrix drag
Click mechanism with mechanical brakes click mechanism with
Mechanical brakes
Replacement of BF spool (8 lb-100 m)
■ prudent (g): 184
■ gear ratio:7.1:1
■ maximum line winding (cm): 74
■ maximum drag force (Kg): 7 kg
■ ball / roller bearings: 6 / 1
■ body spool marginal /0.285mm/12lb:120m
■ body spool marginal /0.31mm/14lb:100m
■ body spool marginal /0.33mm/16lb/85m
■ replacement spool marginal /0.235mm/8lb:100m