DUEL SALTY BAIT 40g, 60g Additional New Color release

zgo zlsAutomatic response snugglescastingjig

-Target fish: sea bass, flounder, snapper, vegetable, rockfish

-An automatic snugglescastingjig easier to anyone and fished.

-Squeeze water rolling action produces a special head performance snuggles and change bat, even straight retrieve fish bring bytes.

-From the minnows surface until the bottom trace & bumping, range all the cheats available.

-Stingersheap with reduced air resistance ensure excellent distance — the lifeblood of the casting game.

-Available with the image of “the rolling Texas rig” or “jig to actions such as joint minor”.

Sortie bat 60 g DUEL
Automatic response snugglescastingjig

Support change bat: fat 2.5 Edition
* Gross weight: 69 g





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