SHIMANO 15 MetaniumcDC Release

Added NEW metaniumu DC metaniumu series developed, such as micromojourgia, X-SHIP, S3D spool mechanism, and has pursued the possibility of Baytril with newly developed I-DC5. 4 by 3 modes can be selected by nylon, fluorocarbon, PE and line and I-DC5 internal dial and lure weight is a groundbreaking digital control braking system with external dial for volume semi-auto and full-auto. Traditional ringtone of one piece 4-pole magnet was assembled by replacing the magnetic ring magnets, increases the effective magnetic surface. MAX RPM is approximately 12% and improve at that moment without braking zone immediately after the release, not only is about 30% brake power up, relaxed and stable long casts with (number Yes none compared to the company). This is the high performance versatile.

■ gear ratio:6.2
■ maximum drag force (N)/(kg):49.0/5.0
■ prudent (g): 190
■ spool dimensions (diameter / width mm): 34 / 22
■ nylon yarn amount (lb-m): 12 – 120,14-100, 16 – 85,20-70
■ the maximum line length (cm / Han $ 1 rotation): 66
■ handle length (mm): 42
■ number of S A-RB / rollers: 9 / 1



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