DUEL SALTY BAIT 40g, 60g Additional New Color release

zgo zlsAutomatic response snugglescastingjig

-Target fish: sea bass, flounder, snapper, vegetable, rockfish

-An automatic snugglescastingjig easier to anyone and fished.

-Squeeze water rolling action produces a special head performance snuggles and change bat, even straight retrieve fish bring bytes.

-From the minnows surface until the bottom trace & bumping, range all the cheats available.

-Stingersheap with reduced air resistance ensure excellent distance — the lifeblood of the casting game.

-Available with the image of “the rolling Texas rig” or “jig to actions such as joint minor”.

Sortie bat 60 g DUEL
Automatic response snugglescastingjig

Support change bat: fat 2.5 Edition
* Gross weight: 69 g



Seems that the things we need to loosen the drag setting without counting the benefits of ester type line (pinky) engulf and only about the growth there is no line for the only downside.
We take so long to capture, just fish initiative held tends to be.
There is the emergence of this meta grid! This grease takes to stop fish ran in stickiness.
100% “oil” stuff
Rather than the so-called silicon based grease, “urea based grease”.
But we never were used for fishing most luxury material excels in heat resistance, commonly used never gets the grease in our performance.
Ester in loosen the drag line helped us man “metagris” Please try.
Confidence in the big surprise! You can experience drag is working, will engulf fun in another sense.

■ contents: 10 ml
■ components: urea 100% synthetic oil



AbuGarcia Okappari Tarpaulin Shoulder Bag #1366122 Comingsoon

■ product description
Funny boobs Nighthawk in the new concept bag full of ingenuity to useful fishing. Ideal for managing fishing spot on also.
■ size: width 38x depth 21x高 28 cm
■ weight: approx. 1 kg
■ material: PVC (tarpaulin)

■ features
Funny boobs Nighthawk in the stable when you put widen toward the end shape, ideal for fishing.
Bag helicopter mounted Rod holder parts (sold separately).
Funny boobs Nighthawk in in useful when replacing the lure because during the fishing rod 差seru Rod holder.
Managed fishing spot also served as Rod stand (base), it is useful.
Momentarily of also being caught in the rain waterproof tarpaulin material just fine & waterproof zipper
To further stable Center of gravity in bottled beverages inside with drink holder. (2 locations)
Cushion part is removed, can be used as a regular shoulder bag.
With the mounted accessory accessories D Kang 6 pieces.
Shoulder strap & handle with.




For example areas inland in shallow depths, tides are not so fast is enabled for lightweight tilava. Series in the best light M power, from a gentle on automatic hooking, so to speak, ‘ride’ the special rod. Metal top vibration fine shreds and tell hand. Agere X45 mounted in the optimal structure of prevention viscoelastic strong thick blank prevents morsel. Support to action is crisp. Long grip specifications promise a steady retrieve.

metal          http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/axiasports/item/jan4960652913706/


Shoreziggngrod and equipped with the latest KR concepts guide blanks whole body leaned heavily on carbon X tape, KR-X, by the remodeled! Blanks comes to bat, X tape, has enhanced the torque. Ultra high sensitivity and hooking power, Rod balance realized. Stand up to large fish tuffness blanks & guide specifications. Special grip design increases grip force.

■ SXJS-1063MH60-KR: with 3-piece design! Universal shagging models!
3 handy piece models. Closing dimensions design into the beach bag. Have even painted a beautiful 3 piece while bending curve, easy to cast Jig also plugs, lures can play freely. Very versatile specs almost covering the targets in and near the model in any one. Won’t be defeated by large parabolic potential.

■ type: spinning
■ Relay number: 3
■ (ft / cm) length: 10 ‘ 6 “/3.20
■ led (cm):110.5
■ standard weight (g): 230 g
■ location diameter (mm) / original size (mm):1.8/16.5
■ lures: 20-80 g
■ PE line (No.)1.5-3.0
■ power: MH
■ taper / action: r



Berkley Power Bait POWER POP 70 Coming soon

Power pop 70 is the new bait the better hard bite and soft bath taking. The recommended vaccines offset hook 5 / 0! (Recommended hook size 5 / 0 superline EWG is) because it is material to absorb water, bait continues to float always. No need worry snagged by using PowerPop beat cover overhang in Hadera was also impossible until now, etc. This paves the way cover strike cheats! Also U. L. D. T. materials employed the hooking when slide bait, hooking rate increases dramatically compared to traditional hollow body frog, etc..